we made a great choice

thanks for supporting mead school district!

Mead is listening

to the needs of the community

Mead District used community meetings and surveys to influence strategic priorities that guide how local funding is used.

Mead is leading

with open schools & safe, in-person instruction

Mead School District is one of the largest in Washington to give families in-person and remote learning options. This requires more staffing, personal protective equipment, technology, cleaning and substitutes, among other expenses.

Mead is succeeding

as a model for washington 

We are proud of the leadership our teachers and staff has shown throughout Covid-19. As of mid-November 2020, only 3.9% of Washington students attended a district that opened in a model with as much access to in-person instruction!

thank you mead voters

For making a great choice

As community members, parents, business owners and voters, we owe it to our kids, and their teachers to make sure they have what they need to be successful and prepared for the future.

“Without the help of Five Mile Prairie School, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to pursue my dream job so quickly and successfully.”

“As a homeowner in the district, and one who has been supportive of and close to our public school funding efforts in the past, I know that our property values directly reflect the quality of the educational program the district provides.”


“Both of my daughters have thrived in the Mead School District and as a family, we believe that education is paramount to building a prosperous future for our community and our country.”

What does the levy renewal pay for?
student support

Nurses & Para Educators

Counselors & Social Workers

English Language Learning

Student Intervention

academic support

Advanced Placements

Elementary Specialists

Smaller Class Sizes

extra curriculars


Music & Art Programs

Speech & Drama

Student Clubs

future readiness

Work-based Learning

Career-track Opportunities

STEM Courses


Where does mead’s money come from?


state government


Local taxes


Federal government

What’s the cost?

The renewal levy costs about $2.00 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

That means that for a $300,000 property, the total tax for the year is $600—about $50 a month.

The current tax rate expiring this year is $1.47 per $1,000—about $441 a year, or $36.75 a month.

So the increase is around $13 a month, a small price for Mead voters.

Why the increase?

Great question! Most districts in the area asked voters for $2.50/$1,000. In an effort to keep costs low, while maximizing the value of taxpayer funds, Mead chose the lesser amount of $2.00/$1,000.

The Mead School District is transparent and accountable with the taxes it asks for from citizens. Tax history can be found here.

this levy renewal still keeps our total bond & levy tax rate lower than nearly all other districts in the area.

what else do we get?

When a school levy passes and provides a certain amount of local funding, it also activates additional money from the state called Local Effort Assistance (LEA).

The state provides matching dollars to enhance student access to educational enrichments.

So, a successful levy brings even more funding into our schools—maximizing the value for local taxpayers.

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