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It’s time to celebrate! Thanks to your support, we passed the 2024 replacement levy. That means our kids will continue to have the resources they need to succeed. But the work isn’t done yet! We can keep our schools strong by supporting future levies, too! 

We all benefit when schools thrive.

Levy dollars have helped Mead build one of the best districts in the state. It’s why many of us choose to live here, and why our kids – and community – continue to grow and thrive. Local support is what makes it all possible.

best school district in the Spokane area


Ranked in top 10% of Washington State school districts


Four-year graduation rate -- compared to Washington state average of 82%

Great schools inspire great students.

State and federal funds cover the bare minimum of a basic education, but local funds take our schools beyond the basics to the Mead experience our community wants and expects. Without the levy, we stand to lose staff, programs, and services that make our schools – and our students – so exceptional.

Where does mead’s money come from?


State and Federal


Local Levy

What do we lose if the levy fails?

Essential funding for staff

levy-funded teachers

Levy-Funded Nurses

Levy-Funded Paraeducators

Levy-funded custodians

Levy-Funded Maintenance & Facilities Positions

state-funded teachers

State-Funded Nurses

State-Funded Paraeducators

State-funded custodians

State-Funded Maintenance & Facilities Positions
student support

Nurses & Paraeducators

Counselors & Social Workers

English Language Learning

Student Intervention

academic support

Advanced Placement Courses

Elementary Specialists

Staff for Smaller Class Sizes

Elective Course Offerings

extra curriculars


Band, Choir & Art Programs

Debate & Drama

Student Clubs

future readiness

Work-based Learning

Career-track Opportunities

STEM Courses



Every Dollar Counts.

Because every dollar counts.

These days, we’re all dealing with rising costs and inflation – including our schools. That’s why our district is careful to budget every dollar wisely, using feedback from our community to prioritize what matters most.


chart with levy funding broken down into portions of a single dollar
chart with levy funding broken down into portions of a single dollar


chart with levy funding broken down into portions of a single dollar
chart with levy funding broken down into portions of a single dollar

Based on 2021-22 actual use of local dollars.

“Mead understands that these kids become the future of our community, and preparing them to lead the way is at the core of their mission.”

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Tyler Lafferty

Business Owner & Mead Parent

Why does it matter? Because mead schools need our support

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