from the mead community

I am writing this letter in support of the upcoming levy to support the Mead School District.

I have two children that go to schools within the district, and I cannot emphasize enough how appreciative we are of the work done by Mead schools to support students and families.

From the moment we enrolled our oldest daughter into Evergreen Elementary School we knew we were in the best place for her. She is on the autism spectrum and has received unparalleled opportunities for growth and development in the District. She had a full-time, one-on-one para- educator her whole kindergarten year. Because of that, she had an incredible foundation for the remaining years of her elementary education.

The para-educator, along with her IEP team and physical therapist at school have made it possible for her to be in her mainstream classroom one hundred percent of the time. On top of that, my children have had the opportunity to participate in art, music, sport and STEM activities that have been instrumental in providing them with a well-rounded educational experience.

We have felt welcomed, cared for and supported every step of the way. Both of my daughters have thrived in the Mead School District and as a family, we believe that education is paramount in building a prosperous future for our community and our country.

Ana Hopkins

Mead Parent & Owner, Ana Hopkins Photography

As a businessman, volunteer and parent of three kids who experienced the Mead School District, I’ve always been impressed with their commitment to academic enrichment.

Mead understands that these kids become the future of our communities and preparing them to lead the way is at the core of their mission. It’s imperative we do everything we can to ensure they have the resources they need to do just that.

Tyler Lafferty

Business owner & mead parent

During my 12 years of education in the Mead School District, I was lucky enough to attend one of the partnership programs in the district, Five Mile Prairie School. This program is an alternative education option for families who want to do the majority of their school at home, while still getting the benefit of a public school experience once or twice a week. Because of the collaboration within the district, I was able to play basketball for Prairie View Elementary, Northwood Middle School, and Mead High School, while still attending Five Mile.

My parents were able to choose the best options for me as I grew up in the Mead School District. In high school, students in the partnership program were encouraged to take advantage of the Running Start program at nearby colleges. Five Mile Prairie School made my transition into college classes as smooth as possible, and the education I received prepared me well for the classes I took during my two years of Running Start.

As a member of the Mead School District community, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and for the friendships I’ve made in my classes as well as my extracurricular activities. As soon as I graduated from high school, I was able to start my own freelance marketing business. Without the help of Five Mile Prairie School, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to pursue my dream job so quickly and successfully.

Jordan Gellatly

mead school district graduate

As a grandparent of five, three of whom attend Mead schools, I support the upcoming levy as a way to ensure continued quality education for our district’s students. We have lived in the Mead district for over 30 years and have directly enjoyed the benefits of the district during the years our kids attended, and now see the benefits for our grandkids. As a homeowner in the district, and one who has been supportive of and close to our public school funding efforts in the past, I know that our property values directly reflect the quality of the educational program the district provides.

 We are blessed in the region to have uniformly high quality public education and it serves our region well as those from outside the area consider a relocation to Spokane. If you are moving here and have kids, your first question to the realtor is about school district choices and quality. Let’s continue to keep the Mead District at the top of the list for realtors’ recommendations. At Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI), our community’s business development organization, we say that Together, we build, champion and retain a talented workforce for the region. Let’s continue to work together to make that happen, starting with our support of our own school district.

Our kids and grandkids need and deserve our support. Please join me in voting YES for the Mead levy.

Tom Johnson

President/CEO, STCU (Retired)
Past Board Chair, GSI (2019)

In my opinion, and with two students graduating from each Mead and Mt. Spokane High School, my and my sons’ experiences validate the fact that the Mead School district is at the very top of districts in Washington state, and high on list across the country. I hear on a regular basis that when people move into Spokane, they seek a residence in the Mead School district, so their kids have the opportunity to prepare themselves for life through the Mead curriculum and social experiences.

We must always support this outstanding school district today and for future generations.

Krista Cates

mead parent

In a culture that favors quick results, it’s important to consider the long view, making investments that are realized only over time. Orchardists know this: put some saplings in the ground and you won’t have much to show for your effort for quite some time. Trees require years of nurturing and training before they produce a harvest, providing a positive return on the investment, while also providing benefits to members of the community in the form of fresh fruit.

Societies know this as well: children don’t grow up and flourish all on their own; they require loving attention, consistent structure, and the seeds of a quality education before they can flourish and mature, eventually contributing to the common good of society.

We must nurture the young among us by passing the Mead School District Renewal Levy. This levy will provide crucial funding for student support, academic enhancement, vital staffing, small class sizes, and opportunities for engagement in the arts and athletics, all of which augment educational growth. Let’s invest in the future of our children.

Eric & Elizabeth Peterson

mead district residents

I am writing this testimonial in support of the upcoming Mead School District levy.

My husband and I are both Mead High School alumni and have had a fabulous school experience when we were younger. We now get to send our two children to elementary school in the Mead School District.

We will continue to support the Mead School District in any way possible because it will impact many friends and neighbors, but also my own family. The District does an exceptional job balancing emotional and physical growth along with educational progress. The teachers and staff members care very much about each student. The community that is created in the classroom, in the school, and in the district will be one of the reasons we will continue to support Mead. The administration is always willing to listen and put value on my thoughts and concerns.

Please join me in voting YES for the upcoming levy.

Jenny Schneider

Mead Parent 

I am very proud of MSD for supporting their students and teachers during this tumultuous time. Having our teenagers attend in-person learning has been a blessing to their academic and social well-being. While two days per week is not ideal, I’m thankful for what we get! We are eager to see school and activities return to normal.Thank you MSD!

Rebecca Selby

Mead Parent 

We are the parents of a second-grader at Meadow Ridge Elementary, and 11 year residents of the Mead School District. Even before we had our child we recognized that there was something special about Mead, and now we have seen why first hand.

We have been very impressed by the quality and commitment of all the teachers and staff, and believe this is a school district we can be proud of. The STEM programs, music and sports are all very important to the students and to a well-rounded education and school experience. The special ed teachers and counselors that will continue to be funded are an absolute necessity for ensuring each child gets the best opportunity to succeed.

It is our belief that the district has been a careful and thoughtful steward of our tax dollars, and in these times of uncertain funding from state and federal sources, it is imperative we fund the schools appropriately. We shudder to think of the budget cuts and class size issues some school districts have had to contend with. We believe Mead students deserve better.

This is not a new tax, it just seeks to renew an existing levy that is set to expire. When comparing school districts in the region, Mead is actually one of the least expensive for property owners.

We hope you will join us on February 9th in voting YES for Mead schools.

Doug & Jennifer Koenig

mead parents

As a proud Mead parent and PTO board member at Farwell Elementary School, I am asking you to vote yes on the levy this February.

My three children are students at Mead High School, Northwood Middle School, and Farwell Elementary School and we have lived in the Mead School District for over a decade. If there is one thing that sets our district apart from any other school district, it is our commitment to the individual education of each student. Mead does not let students fall through the cracks. This commitment to excellence in education is what drew us to the area and has kept us here. If the levy does not pass, the characteristics that Mead School District prides itself on will be in jeopardy.

Our district values students who are achieving at every level, whether low or high and provides programs for every type of learner and interest. Our athletics, music, STEM, and special education programs are vital to our district but we can’t do any of this without funding. As a parent of a Mead High freshman with autism, we have had support since his early years at Farwell and during his time at Northwood, and without it, he would not be finding the success he currently is in his education. Our children have all been part of the gifted program and have benefitted from various STEM opportunities within the school as well as sports and music programs.

The specialists and paraeducators are an integral part of the extracurricular and special education system and they create emotional connections for students where teachers may not have the opportunity to connect. The levy will go towards paying for vital support staff and funding for all of these programs within the district. Special education and quality extracurricular programs are what Mead does well. Let’s keep it that way!

When you vote yes on the levy, your tax dollars directly support local children and their education. We have a reputation in Washington as one of the best districts, with high academic achievement and small class sizes. Many Mead students return to the district when raising their own families and the Mead pride we feel is what makes us more than just a district, it makes us a community. Vote yes on the levy this February and support your community!

Erin Smith

Mead Parent
Farwell PTO Fundraising Coordinator

As a proud parent of two students who attended the Mead school district, I recognize the upcoming three year levy is vital to further the opportunities and growth of our student community. The Mead school district has proven to be highly motivated in providing first-rate education for our youth. I have been honored to participate with several schools within the Mead school district as a Youth Instructor from the non-profit Create Your Statement.

Create Your Statement promotes healthy relationships, leadership and character development among today’s youth to prevent relationship and dating abuse. Providing educational and extracurricular opportunities through existing programs offered by Mead as well as additional advantages through local non-profits such as Create Your Statement is key in developing leaders in our community and ensuring our students succeed in safe and healthy futures. I am confident our strong supporting Mead community will see the importance of this levy.

Jenny Moeller

Create Your Statement 
Founder/Executive Director

The Mead School District played a pivotal role in my life when I attended as a student, and now, I see the same benefits unfolding in my daughter’s life as a Colbert elementary student. Her teachers have cultivated a love of learning and a proficiency in critical thinking that are invaluable to her future. She’s had the opportunity to participate in student leadership, the annual school play, Girls on the Run, and many other endeavors that have further enriched her school experience. For my own part, the education I received, the friendships I made, and the extracurriculars that elevated those academic years have continued to benefit me decades later.

As noteworthy as the curriculum is, and as varied as the extracurriculars are, what has always made the Mead School District special is the caliber of employees that work there. From the teachers to the support staff, administrators to the bus drivers, two generations of my family have been surrounded and supported by top-notch individuals who, at the core of their many attributes, want each and every child to succeed. My family feels fortunate that we are a part of the Mead School District, and we look forward to the future generations of students who will continue to benefit from the multi-faceted education and superlative staff awaiting them.

Nicole Williams

mead parent &
mead district graduate, class of ’99

In my younger years when I was growing up, I was envious of the people I knew that lived and grew up in the Mead school district.

I was born and raised on the South Hill but when I started my real estate career at the age of 21, I knew where I wanted to raise my family. I wanted to live north; in the Mead school district. I made that dream come true. I have two amazing children that all I want is the best that life has to offer for them. How wonderful is it to have them experiencing hands-on what the Mead school district is all about?

As a parent I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of teacher’s, staff and their commitment to giving our children the best surroundings possible to learn, grow and to become great, educated human beings, ready to take on the world. In everything Mead does, they have a passion to position their students/our children for success now and in the future. In closing I’m honored and feel blessed to live and work in the Mead school district and believe in all that it supports. Therefore, I am a strong supporter and will be voting YES for the upcoming levy.

Jack Morse ,CRS, GRI

Mead parent &
Managing Broker at Windermere North

Join us in voting yes for the upcoming MSD 354 levy. As MSD residents for 45 years we have seen firsthand the quality of the curricular and extra-curricular offerings that our children received and now our grandchildren. MSD has always been wise and prudent in the management of our tax dollars and they are a salient investment for the benefit of today’s K-12 students.


John & Mary Ann Keith

mead district residents

Upon moving to the Spokane area from Montana in 1981, the realtors we contacted all said the Mead School District was definitely the best place to live! Nearly 40 years history living here has proved them right.

Both our daughters graduated from Mead High which prepared them well for their college experience and for excellent employment after that. I actually worked for the District at Mead High as a para-educator in the late 80’s, and we have many friends who are on staff or retired from Mead. And now, two of our grandchildren attend Midway and Northwood. They are growing stronger each year in academics and character, partially due to their teachers and strong curriculum, even in these difficult pandemic times.

Through the years, I have always felt that the policies established and taxes levied by the board and administration were well-considered and sound, always with the best interest of students, staff and taxpayers in mind. We have a levy vote coming up in February for consideration by residents, so it’s time to read up, ask questions, discuss concerns and cast our vote. This levy is important because it continues local support that our district needs for extracurricular activities, nurses and mental health. Mead has provided outstanding programs for our community for decades, so let’s keep that going!

We all enjoy excellent resale value on our homes in the Mead District due to the quality of our schools, just one more reason we need to vote for continuation of great education for our neighborhoods.

Richard & Lois Legerski

mead district residents

As a long time Mead parent, I’m proud to support the current renewal levy. Mead has led the way, being the largest district in the state to offer the option for kids to be back in school this year. They did what few have done, with the community in mind. I’m glad to continue to support the Mead School District with local levy dollars.

Scott Wetzel

President & CEO

I cannot express how pleased I am with the Mead School District as a whole, let alone how wonderful their mental health and special education departments are.

As a mental health therapist, I understand the importance of mental health support for children in times that are so uncertain. Mead offers mental health counseling in their schools as well as a psychologist on staff to assist when needed. Some children do not feel comfortable talking to their parents about their mental health needs and these services in the school offer an outlet for them to express their emotions and identify their struggles surrounding their feelings. These positions are absolutely essential to our students and cannot be removed from our schools.

Just as important as mental health, are the special education programs for those children who need it. Not all children can function in a traditional classroom and therefore need to be in these classrooms where their education and learning can be addressed on a individual basis with IEP’s and/or 504 plans. Without these classrooms, our children who need special education, will not get it and will not perform well in a traditional classroom.

I feel it is imperative that this levy pass and I support the Mead School District 100% in their efforts to provide individual services to our children who need it.

Sara Northcutt Poindexter

Mead Parent

I write this letter to share a parent’s perspective on educating my three kids in the Mead School District. My children started at Midway elementary in kindergarten years ago and have since also made their way through Mountainside Middle School and into Mt. Spokane High School. My daughter graduated from Mt. Spokane High School last year and this year my two sons are a Freshman and a Sophomore at Mt. Spokane.

In all our years of experience in working with and benefitting from the work done by Mead School District, more than anything, I’ve always appreciated that the teachers and administrators overall really do care about the kids and what is best for them. I think the district has illustrated this well most recently as we’ve all had to navigate through a worldwide pandemic. This past Spring there was so much energy and care put into making sure the graduating seniors knew that their accomplishments were not going unnoticed by the schools. The schools created graduation celebrations that met the needs of social distancing. It all happened at a time that information on the virus was changing daily and the schools repeatedly had to adapt. Yet, they worked through their exhaustion and navigated their way through a very difficult time very successfully. It was so appreciated and clearly showed their dedication to the kids.

Besides navigating graduation, the District also showed it prioritizes what is best for the kids when the district opted to offer the current hybrid learning option. That offering was and remains very progressive for our area. The decision was made at a time when most schools had already committed to online learning and, while that may have been easier to administer than all the options available now, I think we all learned in the Spring that online learning is not really what’s best for the kids. I so appreciate the District’s decision. The difference in my kids’ attitudes and overall satisfaction is significantly better when they are with people that care and are surrounded by people they care about – masks and all. I know that was a somewhat risky position to take for the district and is also a lot of work for the staff and administrators but, it is so much better for the kids. And incidentally, it is far better for our families as we continue to navigate work responsibilities in addition to our kids’ education. The support provided by Mead School District considering the current obstacles is truly remarkable.

Given all the changes the District has been navigating, it would be easy to overlook all the quality opportunities available during more ordinary times. But, those are so worthy and no doubt will become a part of the education experience once again. The relationships between caring teachers and students and the extra-curricular opportunities available are exceptional. I look forward to everyone having the opportunity to engage in those again soon.

Thank you to the Mead School District for continuing to focus on the best interests of the kids and being such dedicated nurturers for them.

Robyn McGinnity Vasquez

Mead Parent

Once when my children were very young, I was told by a realtor that people move to our area specifically so that their children can attend Mead schools. This surprised me, as there are likely good schools all over the state and country. Nonetheless, I was glad to know that my kids would receive a good education. Now that I have a college sophomore, a high school senior, and a high school freshman, I am blessed to say that the Mead School District has far surpassed my expectations.

From the rigorous academics to the top-notch extracurricular activities, Mead staff and administrators have supported my family and prepared my children to face the future. The music programs have given my children a solid foundation to develop and explore their musical gifts. The coaches have trained one of my sons to be both a competitive athlete and responsible young man. My nontraditional learner was allowed to use his unique creativity at Riverpoint Academy. And the counselors have helped to guide my two oldest through the Running Start program to complete high school and get ahead in college at the same time.

In recent years, we’ve seen the ways that the state can and will choose to disburse school funding. Moving forward in our uncertain economy, state and federal funding are likely to face further redistribution. However, we can choose to continue supporting our staff and students in the Mead School District by renewing the school levy in the special election on February 9, 2021. Remember, this is not a new tax, but simply a renewal of an existing levy which is set to expire. A Yes vote will enable our schools to support our students at greatest risk while giving all students the education and training they need to be competitive in future job markets.

Thank you in advance for choosing to support the children of Mead School District!

Carrie Del Pizzo

Mead Parent

My name is Larry Royce and I reside on Midway Road. My purpose in this letter is to endorse the Mead School District and to encourage those that reside in the Mead District to support the upcoming levy. I am in a rather unique position in that I am both a grandparent of two Mead students and a substitute teacher and coach in the district. My wife and I moved into the area in the summer of 2013 after retiring from full time teaching and coaching on the Westside. I knew I would not be happy simply sitting at home during this next phase of our lives so I decided to joint the ranks of substitute teachers and coaches.

Over the last 7 years I have come to deeply appreciate the Mead district as both a grandparent sharing the experiences that my grandsons have had in their classrooms and extra-curricular activities and as someone who has spent considerable time in classrooms throughout the district. The heart and soul of any school districts is its teachers, administrators and staff. Almost without exception I have found those that work with our students to be of the highest quality. I see teachers that are highly committed to the best possible educational outcomes for those kids they work with and that also work hard to develop relationships. I see administrators who are setting a positive tone and encouraging their students to develop a strong work ethic and a respect for those that surround them. I see staff that work behind the scenes and so often go unrecognized but are vital to the daily operations of the buildings they serve in.

Over the years my fondest memories are of students with which I developed a relationship with and to watch them develop over time. The vast majority of those kids were willing to make a commitment and to take risks and to set goals. I have found that to be the case with so very many of the Mead District students I have come into contact with. I began my teaching career in 1970 and some would say that kids are much different now than then. I strongly disagree with that statement. Things have certainly changed in the ways that we have to deal with our students but I still find that the vast majority want to do the right thing, want to improve, want to be part of a community and are willing to listen to reason if treated fairly and with respect.

I believe our kids deserve the very best that we can provide. A successful levy will continue to allow the district to provide the quality educational opportunities that I seen on a firsthand basis. My wife and I will be voting “YES” on the upcoming levy and we are very hopeful that you will join us.

Larry Royce

Mead teacher and grandParent